Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nov Review

Very happy in the end. The last days days saw a drunk poker session and a bitty one hopping around the best tables and £2k each profits. Final profit of £14,783. Havent played even half of what i did in October so its a great figure in terms of volume put in.

No plans yet for Dec, i hope to have another solid month to prop up my bankroll and pay for some fixtures and fittings for my house (still no completion date yet, hoping start of Jan ideally).


Fenix35 said...

You should come play the DTD £1k montecarlo. Sick structure for £1000. May not be worth your time though, i don't know. Opportunity cost and what have you ;)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

I thought about it and havent 100% ruled it out but ive got the gukpt champion of champions game this Saturday in Luton and got enough other stuff on in Dec to keep me content. Yeh i would take it seriously if i played it but when u chuck in all the hotel and travel its debatable ev anyway.

stumpy said...

alrit animal luv reading the blog just update it a bit more ya lazy ****** uve had a good year well done keep it up