Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Loss was getting smaller in last week until yesterday. Was playing steady on good table then with pot at $1000 on 10/20 i got another $3000 each in on a AQ96 2 heart board with KQQ10 only for Ax9h7h7x to hit their 9 outter on river. $7,000 of sickness which would have put me +£1-3k ish for month. Instead im left in the -ve again and of course get done by runner runners a couple of times after just to complete a lovely -£4,000 day. -£5,874 currently for Dec , dunno if will play any more in the year. Got a stinking cold just to top it off so stuck indoors too, arrgggh.

Im hoping the new year i will launch myself back into the game. Was hoping to go for a 6-8 table low stakes grind 5 days a week but i know if the games are good higher i will have to play them. My roll is taking a massive hit with the house ive bought(im buying) so i need to have some sort of plan in case i go on a nasty downswing. Only problem i perceive is how lazy and undermotivated ive been the last 2 months but turn of a year is always a good time for change so just have to see what happens. As for the blog i intend to keep it going for now with at least a few updates a month if worthwhile. Some sort of year review due soon i guess but i will keep it short this time i think.


Anonymous said...

look forward to reading your goals, could I get a link Sir?

Jan Teilhof said...

Too bad with a ending like that to the month, but not much to do about it.
January will be exeptionally good for you i can feel.
I hope you will update you blog more than just a few times a month.
No need to be such a lazy **** :-D