Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gimme Strength

So glad its new year tommorrow so i can put an end to this month of b*******. Wasnt gonna play then saw a hu hi lo game and went in it for over 90 mins. Swings up and down but always ahead then a 3rd guy joins, busts and reloads. He then loses big pot vs my hu guy then next hand sums up my month once again.

He raises button to 70 i repot to 230 but matey in bb flats it playing over 2000 at this point. Other guy only has 570 so his hand irrelevent but i hope he repotting as i have AA25 1 suit. He calls and flop J54 (2 clubs) i pot and bb raises and button allin (god knws what he had as irrelevent). Turn K river Q all clubs i have Ac but no other and pot gets shipped to bb with A245 (just 45suited). Come on gimme a break ive been playing the guy for 90mins straight and he makes the worst play of the session (such an easy fold preflop but he such a fish) only to be rewarded with the biggest pot, god i hate poker at the moment and frankley couldnt give a *** that ive made so much this year, the game sucks as does my health, my weight and my fitness level. So i say go *** yaself 2009 and go *** yaself poker.

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