Sunday, October 11, 2009

MTT Night

Pool cancelled so entered some mtts for a change.
2 x $500 1 x 150euros and 1 x 50euro rebuy.

So far bust the 150 euros. Should bust b4 i did but guy played his nut flush as bad as possible vs my lower flush so only lost 1/3 stack when river paired and he led into me. Sadly ran AK into KK 30mins later and gone.

doubled in 1 x $500 floppin 2 pair vs kk early but lost a 20% chunk in other with QQ vs AK on a Kxxxx board. Flying in 50 euro rebuy , was in top 10 last check 10mins ago.

Also entering $70 sat in mo, update later


Damn QQ vs AK lost finished 545th/1426 in one of the $500s pot was to go joint 6th :(:(:(
Still in the 2 others, ok stacks nout to report really
Also still in that $70 sat.


Arrgh just value bet KK big on a 10,9,5,10,J board and matey had checked the river to me with A10 and didnt raise but i lost a lot on that pot, would gone broke if he raised flop like ne half decent player mind

Also doubled short stack up 66 vs 89 on a 459 flop :( in other so weak in that too.


Doubled QJ vs A10 50rebuy.

Down to last 2 guaranteed $1,000, 1st gets $5,200 package.


Rubbish in 50euro rebuy guy minraises from mid to 1400 i make it 4200 playin my cursed 77 hand and he flat calls. I only have under 6000 left. Flop 998 looks good until he calls with J9std , nice call preflop chump :(

Anyways got rid of the disappointment, turned a 30k vs 42k deficit round against remarkably easy hu opponent to win a £3,300 package ($5,262) to the World Heads Up Championships at the end of this month.

Still in ipoker $1,000,000 479/703 , 1689 entries

Doubled K6 vs AQ , nout other than that still 50% of average 350 left 200 paid.

keep moving table :( did get KK but no action but also got a K2std shove through and a 74std steal. 228/288 average 58k although i will start ignoring that as my blinds ratio is more important now.

timing well so far to raise and as a result moved to highest spot mo ago. currently 173/225

Ah bust just after bubble for $800 33 vs 99, gg thats me lot for the night i hope :)

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