Saturday, October 10, 2009

Donating Back

Had 3 days off and returned today all be a bit hungover. Run bad but played ok. Bad was 2nd set vs top set hu losing $6000 pot but worse was guy playing hand as bad as possible to win a $3600 pot. Its easier to describe here than copy and edit history:

I raise to $60 and get 2 callers im now in 2nd position on a flop of KJ6hhx. My hand is AAxxQ5hh. I check knowing reg guy bhind will nearly always bet and he bets weak 100 into 190 pot. Other guy flats and i make it pot 588 to go. Guy bhind folds but now other guy goes allin for $1600. Figure ive run into a set being slow played but obviously 0% fold equity the way ive played the hand. Nope he has Ah10h10x6x for as bad a played draw as possible.

If this complete muppet raises before it gets back to me i fold every time but no he plays it completely backwards for whole stack with no fold equity. Of course board comes 6x xx and i lose. So livid cant believe how bad his play is although i know the guys a complete loser that think hes great, ive played him hundreds times and he so easy to read.

Chucked it into odds calc and im amazed to see its 50/50 but makes no diff to above where guy takes down 288 uncalled if he plays the hand properly.

Still just in profit for month but annoyed big time obviously, prob done for night although may go back on afta long break :(

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havin_a_laff said...

don't know how you keep going with sessions like this. Looking forward to reading about a nice upswing