Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thats A Bit Better

Didnt play till late as head all over shop after house offer refused and found out i might be in a bit of a bidding war.

Glad i hit the tables in the end though, was steady early evening and wiped out the £2,600 loss for Oct into a £500 profit.

After an hour break or so ive just had a 3hrs+ session till 4:15am and finally got some good games and hit some big pots on both plo and hi lo. Biggest pot was $7,400 when i managed to get $1200 in preflop with AA108 1 suit only to be called by 2 players (1 covering me and 1 with $1900 more behind) . Flop came Q22 with 2 of a diff suit (unfoldable) and the $1,900 check called allin with KKQJ no flush draw and my AA held.

Combined with some hi lo stuff i finished £4,700 up on the session and am finally in profit for October to the tune of £5,200. +£7,800 day on $10/$20 max is a rarity for me these days and i will savour the moment. Just hope i can push on from this and not be dragged down again :)


$1000 Man! said...


Anonymous said...

Nice turn round there mate, it's about time!! Don't play Omaha but love the anger in your posts, it kind of cheers me up for some reason . . . lol.

Fenix35 said...

Nice turn around! Here's to a good October ;)

Willie said...

I've added your blog to my list and I'm also following your blog. Hope you don't mind doing the same with mine.


Anonymous said...

Nice busto to robusto!

Do you use Holdem manager or a HUD when you're playing? Just out of interest