Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tough Start

Played Thursday and Today so far in October. Complete joke so far.

First day i went up a nice £1,500 but returned later to some really bad games only to lose all that and a couple of thou more to complete losers. Also managed to get a chat ban that day which bothers me more than i thought it would.

Today i lose £3,000 within the first hour running as well as i can (NOT). Guy stayed there though and got it all back over the course of 3 hours. Played again for a couple of hours after that and posted a £800 profit so only £1,200 down before session just now.

Just played/playing a 3 hour session now and was thinking i had saved the day again after dropping some to begin with. But no i managed to get $2,500 allin on a turn on a 922k board only to give matey a deuce on river for the $6,000 pot. Nice i run good. So if i finish now which is lookin likely as games are dying im a nice £4,000 down for October instead of about £300 down if that $6,000 pot held, lovely. Actually lets try and be honest , it bothers me more that this guy played his hand so bad more than the fact he rivered it. he min raised the flop to 400$ 922 (im 99A6) when i had continue bet 200. turn king and he only bets 500$ into whats now $1100+ but is all to happy to instant call $2,000 more when i chkraise allin with QQ42. Lets see , well unless im on a rediculously dumb bluff which is pretty much never there is no hand he can beat, oh wp u dumb ******.

On a positive note im playing well and the action and games are a complete joke, gg

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$1000 Man! said...

Ouch bad beat even the grunts at my low level manage to fold that hand to a check raise, i'm sure you'll catch him another day and win it all and more back!