Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept Review

Decent month in the end. Only tilted a couple of times which is good for me. Shame didnt get more luck in the live games at the business end but happy with my game which is the main thing. A few day 2s meant i didnt play as many live games as planned. Result of this is £3,230 spare cash i will chuck back into August where it came from. Omaha and Omaha hi lo action was probably best described as sporadic which kind of suited me with many days off when the games werent good. Overall seemed to enjoy the game a lot more live/online. Anyway final adjusted August profit and September profit are below:

Aug - £ 5,924
Sept - £ 15,590

As for Oct gonna take it as it comes. Im kind of distracted by houses again (thinking of putting offer in etc etc) so its difficult to think of much else or plan for future trips.

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