Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Nandos Challenge

This month sees me in Cardiff, Nottingham and London and im in range of my favourite restaurant/takeaway in all of them. In honour of this i will keep all receipts from Nandos and match the total amount spent to pass on to a chosen charity of my choice at the end of the month. Now i have extra incentive to eat as much as possible each visit (not that i need it) !


Amatay said...

pls send all monies to the Amatay Foundation, ty

Robert "Animal" Price said...

no chance but join me in london to increase my bill one night, everyones a winner !!!

rubbish said...

Hi Rob,
I'm out on the piss all weekend, Friday in Cowbridge where there's a Rugby Club do I'm invited to and in Cardiff on Saturday.
Would love to come down and rail you but not sure I'm going to have a chance.
Certainly can't on Friday but maybe for an hour on Saturday afternoon.
If not have a great time and good luck. Some superb bars down by the Grosvenor. Check out the Salt bar which was Charlotte Church's favourite haunt. Also there's the Packet and the Eli Jenkins.
If you head into the City Centre there's a load of bars and clubs.
Should you bomb out early and fancy getting leathered, Amatay has my number.
All the best.

Fenix35 said...

that's a pretty good idea. Nandos is the best, good choice!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

thx rubbish, will bear it in mind, prob be home by saturday though :(