Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Final EPO Update

4 or 5 hands in reraised scandie looking chap and got 4 bet allin 7 handed. Hated calling AK racewise but was never folding and lost vs AQstd to a queen on the river for pot to go chipleader with 55 left. (130k if win , lost 89off vs 44 2 hands later for only a crippled 6kish pot)

Also had 20% in soap and 16% in my other mate luke both of which had similar beats for chunky pots in the hour or 2 after me with no cashes :( sick game but dtd is a great venue and it has strongbow on tap which ive had a few b4 writing this so roll on London 2moz, let me run better please.

1 comment:

rubbish said...

Unlucky, sick loss against AQ.