Friday, September 04, 2009

Cardiff Update

Made day 2 with just under average stack. Only a disappointing 49 players entered day 1a so we played down to 18 players before stopping early for the night at 11pm. I started off badly getting sucked out in a couple of pots which set the trend for a long difficult day. At end of level 6 my 10k starting stack had never been higher than 13k (think it actually took me 4 or 5 levels to go above 10k !!!) I was happy with my short stack play though which kept me in the game. Basically 2 allins saw me end on 23k.

1) playing about 8600 i make it 1800 (300/600/25) with A10off and get called behind. flop is A36 rainbow so i check looking for bet to shove in on. He only bets 1200 so i make it 2500. He tanks for over a minute cringing like mad so im convinced im ahead. Finally he puts me allin and i call but he flips over AQ !!! Turn is a 10 though and i double.

2) playing about 13000 i make it 2200 (400/800/50) with Q10off and bb calls. Flop 10,8,5 he chk raises me allin which i call. he shows 10,9 and i hold up.

Didnt play particularly well but made it through with ok stack after being lucky so a good bonus. heres the standings b4 day1b today.

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Anonymous said...

what no mention of ur old budd on ur blog!?!?