Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August Profits

Actual final profit finished at £9,501 thanks to another nice recovery today.

Take out staking and many planned live buyins in advance for next month and written down profit on excel sheet is £2,694.

Here is planned list of paid up front live buyins. (should i not play any of them i will make a final adjustment to the figure above at a later date) September will eclipse in volume the amount of live poker ive played in the UK which will make a nice change from the online grind.

2nd - £275 PLO Cardiff
3rd - £1,060 GUKPT Main Cardiff

15th - $5,200 EPO at DTD Nottingham (Paid from July Profits) (+30% stakes in other players)
16th - £560 DTD Side Event

17th - £220 PLO Rebuy (3xbuyin budget) (European Championships Grosvenor Victoria)
18th - £1,075 WSOPE (Less 10% sold and assuming Betfair allow seat transfer) Empire Casino
19th - £550 PLO EC at Vic
20th - £1,100 EC at Vic
21st - £550 EC at Vic
22nd - £330 PLO Rebuy (3xbuyin budget) EC at Vic


Amatay said...

gl fish. I might pop down the vic to see how ur gettin on.

Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck on the road, looks like a bloody tasty schedule. Mind you makes you appreaciate the minor expenses of online poker! You'd have to run pretty bloody hot to cover expenses like that every month in live poker.