Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of Omaha Hi Lo Day 2

Back at 2pm today (10 hours time) 3rd/19 . Hoping i might get some sleep soon but need to wind down a bit more yet.

1st target was to cash
2nd target is to make final table
3rd target is to hear "god save the queen" as they play national anthems for bracelet winners this year :)

What will be will be and im remarkably relaxed about the whole situation. The type of game helps big time as i know if i was this deep in a nl holdem tourney i would be 100 times more nervy i think. I havent even looked at the payouts since day 1a start and wont unless i get a weaker stack as laddering is more of a tactic in omaha hi lo limit used for medium to weak stacks.


TEAMDOBB said...


one time come on tek it down you know ya can then blast the steakhouses and no spewing

glglglglglglglgl get some sleep

Stu said...


i posted my prediction that you'd crush this on 2+2 at the start of day 2 (with 197 left).

now i'm more confident than ever. from your posts you seem to be in the perfect frame of mind. stay relaxed and confident.

Johnssy said...

Good luck Rob you can do it. May the AA23 double suited's be with you.

voiceofjoe said...

Nicely Nicely ..... Well played so far , one time for Team GB (and Team Animal , of course ;) )

Anonymous said...

Best of luck. TID and make them play our shitty anthem!

Go go go!

Anonymous said...

Good luck mate, take it down and get that anthem playing!

Ned 'to poker what Newcastle United are to football' Pepper!

BH said...

Best of luck for tomorrow fella!!

Anonymous said...

Show them how it's done Rob.


Anonymous said...

good luck animalkk
rootin for ya m8