Friday, May 29, 2009

Vegas - Day 2

Played the $1,070. Stack all over shop as norm for me but didnt get above starting stack until several levels in. Yesterday i felt like bloggin loads hands but i really cant b bothered now. Basically 138 players and i finished 30th. Final pot was AJ vs KK vs J10 to have got back to a under average but chunky stack. My key pot earlier was 22 vs AK to have prob gone about 5th with 40 left but i lost the flip and was left on only 10xbb. Overall was happy with my play and surprisingly i wasnt pissed off at all after busting 10 hours in.

Had some drinks and food with Amatay and Azi after the tourney and also made it to the Rio to register for the $1,500 today. Didnt sleep that great and guess im tired from that 10 hours effort yesterday but i can play omaha hi lo limit almost with my eyes shut so am not concerned. May play the $1,000 stimulus event Saturday if i bust the hi lo today. Apparently its capped at 2800 a day and as of last night had 1600/1100 entrants so is likely to sell out i think.

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