Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vegas - Day 1

Unless sommat big happens out here im just gnna do boring titles for blogs as above.
After repacking my overweight rucksack at check in into my case then getting my rucksack searched at customs i finally got on the plane. Paid bit extra for some legroom and managed to get off the plane 5th as i was right next to the exit door. Even got a few hours sleep = bonus. Despite getting through US customs quicker than ever my luggage still meant the usual wait but at least it wasnt in a queue which does my head in. Had to fill out the >$10k cash form but go no hassle from the security and made it to Bellagio bout 4pm as plane had left 45 mins later than scheduled.

After chilling and sorting me room out i ventured down to the poker room and got on the 30/60 hi lo limit omaha game i had played a few months ago. This had the usual "half-kill" which basically means if u scoop a pot the limits are 40/80 and u post a compulsory extra blind of 40 in the next hand (unless already in a blind in which case its 40 total). A few hours later i left for a $1,100 profit, my eyes are very tired now and im hoping to get a really good nights sleep.

Thursdays plan is the noon Caesars $1,060 if im up for it then maybe some more limit or plo cash later depending how long i last in it. If i do bust earlyish i may well head to the Rio to check out the action there and buyin for the $1,500 omaha hi lo limit tournament which starts noon Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck out there matey

No harrassing the staff at Outback this time though :p

Kev B