Tuesday, May 12, 2009

£6k and not happy !

A tale of 2 halves today. Played fair bit and was winning well for hours. Then knew i was tired but decided i would push my luck further. After a break this resulted in bad play (obv bad luck as well) and tired unable to play on instinct pots being all indecisive. Result = my £12,000 profit quickly shrank to £6000 profit. Would have lost some neway but prob lost a good portion of that due to bad mindset.

Sunday i played £1,500-£2,000 worth of multis including the 1060euros on boss network. This was the only one i lasted several levels in but it wasnt many more after this pot. 10 handed guy utg+2 ships allin 2500 at blinds of 50/100 and manages to beat my AA with A9off . Unsurprisingly he bust before i did with almost as bad a move. I know freerollers get in these events but this was my biggest direct buyin online to date :( I'll save the luck for vegas, actually looking forward to live multis despite the fact i can hardly face online ones these days !

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