Monday, May 18, 2009

Maximum Vegas Anticipation

I might have been to Las Vegas 7 times before but ive never been this excited about it before. Ive only played 2 WSOP events before (main 2006 & 2007) and this time i plan to play between 5 and 15 events at my best estimate. Combine that with events at the Bellagio, and ones at the Venetian and Caesars. Ive even got Golden Nugget and Binions possible tourneys. Ive done a big excel sheet with nearly all my possible tournaments to choose from listed with a few obvious definite ones highlighted. The one im unsure about is the main event and this will rest on how ive done in the weeks before and how well i feel about my game and my stamina so will be a last minute decision.

All being well the first WSOP one will be event 3 - $1,500 limit hi lo omaha midday on the 29th May (arrive on 27th) which should ease me in with nice easy decisions for an experienced player like myself. I may well play Bellagio or more likely Caesars $1,060 the day before though if im not too tired from the travels.

Im also looking forward to playing limit hi lo omaha cash in the Bellagio again although the locals i befriended there informed me there is likely to be a juicy 75/150$ game at the Rio during the WSOP which can be a donkfest. Hopefully get some PL cash omaha in somewhere too.

Ive only ever stayed 18 nights max before (main 2006) and actually wanted to go home early that trip (the only time). This time im planning to be there for 6 weeks. As i probably mentioned in a previous post im staying in the Bellagio until June 11th then i move to Meridian Suites (see links at side) until 9th July if i survive. I will play more live poker than ive done before so it will be interesting to see how i cope with it all. I definitely will blog on here regularly at the very least just to try and stay sane ! Looking to buy a house in the fall and 6 weeks may prove to long for future trips. I wanted to give it one good 100% effort attempt to see if its my cup of tea and make decisions for future years hopefully a bit easier either way.

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