Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WCOOP 51 - $320 pl hi lo (in running)

Wasnt sure about this one after a shocking day yesterday but ive made about the buyin on cash games earlier and took a couple of hours off to see if i was up for it.  Just logged in at 7pm and missed 1 min of play but got there for my first hand to hit nut nut and get a healthy 800 added to my 5k starting stack, hopefully its a good sign.  Just hope i dont lose in cash games alongside, heres a to a long night with any luck !

after first hour i had peaked at 7500.  just been slipping back since and now 5k again :(    All decent hands came in first 15mins really !!!    as i write this im committing to a Q43 rainbow flop with AQ38 but mateys folded his cont bet.  AA45xccc nxt hand minraised and been reraised so gotta pot it right up now.   only 930 preflop but with 2 low cards i cant really fold postflop i think.   flop K108xcc so im committed.  6200 now and signing off here for a bit.     generally a very nitty table so am trying to get involved as much as i can but no easy $ really.


Out absolutely livid.  Missed a load of outs to scoop or chop for 9k pot when i pushed putting guy on a weaker hand fair enough but left with 3800odd.   Sit tight and at 100/200 get it in on turn when committed on flop 3way on a Q749 board with AA39.   Im against A278 who should have raised flop to shut other guy out and J456 (J456 WTF).  River 6 and they chop , come on WTF is this.  If i wasnt already chat banned i would have got one there, so mad.  Cash games no better, only reason im sitting on +£2,864 is cos i cleared a £375 bonus a few mins ago.  Might play later but off for an hour break min.    1 more WCOOP left but its Friday at 10pm and i might b out boozin, $215 NL hi lo , just have to see.  Not Happy.

Late edit.  Ok returned about 12:30am for 90mins or so.  Did a lot better and finished at +£3,091.   So knackered, def time for bed early at 2:10am !!!

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