Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dnnno How But More +

Days been a blur.  Tried to play here and there inbetween paracetamol breaks.  Seems it wasnt a hangover only and ive got a mild annoying headache/chest infection. Frustrated but still managed really good profit and had won an ok amount yesteday too so its all adding up nicely. 

Missed the WCOOP badugi which i almost played but got distracted around the starting time and was looking for an excuse really.  Still planning on playing the 11am NL hi lo tommorrow as long as im not too tired. Option of an evening 8 game too but cant see me playing both.

Decided to cash out a bonus on party.  I had originally been planning/hoping i would reach top vip level to get equiv of 40% but this seems very unlikely in the near future as my games are spread across 3 or 4 sites regularly so figure its time to cash in these points for 30% rakeback equiv. which will clear gradually over the next few months.

The only thing thats changed since last week is i dont seem to find time for sngs.  Not an issue while im still playing and running good on cash games but i do keep meaning to play some more sessions of these along with more mtts too, we will see.  Sitting on +£4,394 for Sept currently, no complacency please !!!

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