Friday, September 23, 2011

Tough Comeback Day

Started ok today making £100 first session then the 2nd session destroyed me.  I basically did fine on all tables apart from the one 2/4 table i had going where i lost 4 allins for £200 a go pots where i had 50%ev or bettor in the pot when the cash went in.   Licked my wounds finding myself below £2,500 on the month and wondering if there was a low point at which i should ban myself from anything other than sngs for the rest of the month.

Had a long dinner break and fortunately it came back together in the evening.  It wasnt on as big stakes so it felt like really good grinding winning sessions and by the end of the night (10mins ago) i can see im sitting -£20 on the day (LOL) at +£3,071.   Thats fine, ive put in near 10 hours today so rakeback will easily more than cover that anyway.

Unsure of weekend plans, i expect volume to suffer as usual and it will do me good to have at least one whole day off anyway.

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