Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday In Running

Played a few decent multis tonight.
Betfair $320 $50k 139 entrants
Pokerstars $215 $350k 2200 entrants approx
Blue Sq $215 $100k about 460 entrants
Interpoker cpc 2000mpp not as big so no detail coming
and Mansion $100 just started

Still only in Betfair (and Mansion obviously)
Bugger just lost pot as typed J10 vs short stacks AQ to have gone 5th/40 in but doubled in mansion to an idiot bluffing when i had the nuts flop to river. Still in Betfair 14th/40 and just for the record 1/554 in mansion (556 entered).
Bugger just lost pot odds in betfair again :(( 89 vs A2 , down to 18th now.
Bugger and another 9,10std runs into short stacked QQ and again lose, jesus i only just moved to this table ffs. Anyway 24th/40 for now. See below:

Pokerstars was the biggest and i got a decent start in it from the 10k stack right up to 30k with the blinds relatively low. Rolllercoaster up and down but first real key pot was A9 vs K10std which lost to have gone about 100th/600 with 60k and bb of only 1200. I then chased a river flush draw for a debatable price but had implied odds to have got to 60k again a few hands later, it missed and i was crippled. Generally i think i played really well, i got lucky to get back to 30k sucking out after but i tried a move in the sb with A8 and the cutoff had KK and i was out about 400th (pays to 360). Note to self, play again for sure was interesting and fun with a decent structure except was 1 blinds jump. Able to make some moves i wouldnt dare elsewhere as people tend to be a bit tighter and respect bets a bit.

Blue square similar to pokerstars but on a smaller scale, got up early to top 15 and sat on my stack as its looser but then took a nasty 6k beat from a 77 backwards dummy shortish stack.
Busted shortly after when 99 ran into AA playing 10xbb stack. Again if patience this multi is a must as awful standard.

Stack moved after pushing 12th/30ish now but QQ at mo and action: Slow played KK which helped big time prior to that also. Up to 11th uncalled, 8th AJ steal nxt hand,6th but AJ vs AQ loss so back down again a little in 8th. Time to post this and focus bit more i guess, update later.........

PS: 1 Further note to self, looks like betfair plays havok with my computer using space or something as pokerstars went wonky a bit in and the fan bas been going non stop. Probably best to have betfair on different computer if using several sites on 1 computer.

Well i wasnt gonna update so quick (its only 5 mins or less lol)

77 in a 3 way pot (1 allin) and another cant fold AQ on a 6,2,3 board !!! Anyway that took me back up to 15k but nxt hand i got AK and reraised a raiser. The AQ guy went allin 7k and the original raiser. AK vs QQ vs JJ and i didnt look at the board. Anyway it was king high and iv e gone to 3rd/121 on a 30k stack at 300,600 blinds. Wow this is unreal as i was typing that bit this hand occurred on my bb:

A Guy limps early 30k stack also. flop 7,4,4 i have 43off and lead 1800 which he makes 4800. i flat call putting him on a likely overpair or even a bluff. Turn is a 3rd diamond but also the magical 3. I check he bets 6000 and i put him all in. He called and shows Ad4d !!!! I now have a 60k stack and am 2nd/114 !!!! Whilst its a massive chance now i know its not as big as it may seem as mansion is quite loose so its difficult to bully like some other tournaments. Laters......................

Key hand in betfair was a limp with AA soon after the last bit above and an AJ sb doubled me up on a KJx flop after he raised preflop and i just flat called. After that i managed to steal and more than maintain my stack. I hit the final table in about 3rd but lost a couple of prefloppers early AQ vs A9 and A9 vs K10. A few others knocked each other out and i managed a couple of pots with pot odds including QJ vs A10 when there was only 5 of us left. 4th busted shortly after and i was left with a decent stack. The other 2 faced off A6 vs A3 but the 3 came for the short stack and i was then weak stack. Anyway next button i raised with 77 and the bb took a flop. We both checked a Jd10dxx board and the turn was a 7d. He bet 35k into a 50k pot and i moved allin for 150k or so. He had 89off and i failed to improve and was out 3rd for just under $6000. Was a bit gutted as 1st/2nd was $15k/$10k but it was still a good result and i guess it spurred me on in mansion and certainly made me fearless which can be very useful sometimes.

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