Thursday, May 31, 2007

May Review / Crazy Last Night

Didnt play much Mon/Tues/Wed although managed $500-$700 for a couple of hours on cash yesterday.

Played 3 multis tonight:

Mansion $100 nvr got going at start of this but got back in to idiot callers when blinds increased and was unlucky to lose an AK vs QJstd for 6000 chips with blinds only 75,150.

Ladbrokes (1) 1000 player freeroll i was eligible to enter from cash games points which had $150k in cash and wsop packages. Im not gonna details many hands but this one was nuts and after the first hour or so i remained in the top 5 for prob 3 further hours. I then lost AK vs JJ (who almost folded preflop) for a huge pot to go a bit clear in 3rd and ended up busting pushing top pair on sb but utg had limped with AA. Again this pot was very big and would have put me back into the top 5 and i had outs so it wasnt the worst way to go i spose. Anyway got $200 for my troubles for 53rd but top 30 got WSOP sub $1400 , top 10 got WSOP package $6k and top 5 got $15000 WSOP package so i let a massive position go in the end. What i should mention to keep me sane is the fact there are no antes on ladbrokes, i cannot play sites regularly without them as it bores me more and just favours the rocks too much.

Ladbrokes (2) $10 rebuy (in for about $50) 1571 entrants. Finished 41st for $115. This had $30,000 in bounties !!! A $1000 one went on my table but i couldnt get in the pot and would have lost anyway. Towards the end the last one was worth $15k WSOP package but he wouldnt move table and i couldnt move to his :((. In the end he busted just before me and i ended up busting ridiculously losing i think 4 out of the last 5 preflop allins. The big ones being AJ vs K4(no stack) vs K10...king on river. AJ (big call was foldable) vs A3std split pot. 88 vs KJoff and J3 vs xx vs A7std two pair losing to straight on river. i won a 93off pot odds vs 87std inbetween those but still sick way to go, there was $9000 cash for winner and standard was very poor in the later stages.

Both ladbrokes games overlapped (also mansion for an hr or so) by an hr and both lasted almost exactly 5hrs each. What with monitoring stacks, bounties, position and no antes in play this required a massive effort from me and i actually think this has been good training for the WSOP as i havent been this knackered from poker for a long time (mansion wsop game included). There was a chance of huge results in either or both so its a shame to crash in both but i know i can take a lot of positives and feel surprisingly relaxed after 20minutes winding down now.

Thanks for the positive comments lately people. May was a strange month and if it wasnt for last Sunday i would be talking of profit in the range of £0-£500 for sure. I know i wasnt interested in playing too seriously the first half or so of the month and chose my games for fun more than for money. It was either that or not play at all so i think it was a good strategy in the end. Anyway thanks to a decent finish im actually £4574 up for the month and have $10,000 buy in paid for into the WSOP main event so strangely May is up there with my best months in poker, weird. Its great to be playing the main event for the 2nd year running as well of course.

I know the main reason i didnt play many WSOP satellites this year was because of the fact most sites give you cash and cant buy u in. I knew unless i was definitely playing for a package i wouldnt buy in and i figured i would have to play when i won with Mansion as its sponsored by as well and this has been confirmed. It remains to see how i do in the main event but im not gonna make any mistakes like St Kitts and hope do get a decent run again if possible. Its just over 4 weeks before i fly out to Vegas and already the anticipation is a great feeling.

As for June, well im planning on more multis than cash, but i will take each day as it comes to begin with and go with what takes my fancy. I havent subbed for this GCSOP on cryptologic network at all but may play the first 1 or 2 events and see if its worth playing more if i manage any results in them. I guess time spent playing will rest on how good the weather is and any other distractions. I also want to get a bit fitter so im more mentally ready for the main event so will continue with whats been a more positive exercise routine lately if i can.

Gl All 4 June..........but not against me ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Robert

Awesome Read and one of my daily's. For a struggling player, cash, STT and deep in MTT's, what is the best advise you could give ? Any training sites you'd recommend ? I've read loads of books, watched a fair amount of vid, read 2+2 etc, but at a complete halt for about 2 years break even.

GL in Vegas, one day for me maybe.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Thx. Thats actually a v difficult question without knowing stakes and your style of play. I think books are very overrated (unless mayb a beginner in first few months), everything ive learnt is more from personal experience and analysis and u definitely can have too much information if u read too many books. Forums r full of wrong advise so be careful what u take from them. The best training is experience and learning from practice. Break even for 2 years is not bad, dont forget u pay 10% in fees every time u play a game ! I think i would advise any break even player to stay at a stake they are comfortable at (and feel they win a bit at), but use some of the small winnings to enter sub qualifiers for bigger games. Eg if u regularly play £2-£5 games, why not regularly play sub qualifiers for a £27 game at £3 a go. Also search across sites, there is a lot of added value games these days at both low and high stakes. I cant stress how much better it is to be in a game with a % added than just a normal one, it effectively gets rid of the rake fee and more in the long run. GL