Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hard Work Undone

After a few hrs play at 2,4$ earlier i had made i nice few hundred $. Ive just pissed it away though on 2,4$NL HU, the guy was tricky and i prob should have left but he did get a few lucky rivers on me. Anyway in the end i stuck the whole stack in with a straight flush draw on the flop and it failed to improve against his top pair (50/50) and i lost a $800 pot. Prior to this i was unsure whether to go out tonight or not but now thats made my decision as i cant face poker any more. Just opened a can of lager and its into town in 30 minutes, hopefully i will have calmed down a bit or be too knackered to play when i return drunk later. Bring on a fresh new month i think 1st June cant come quick enough for me pokerwise to clear my head and refocus again.

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