Monday, May 28, 2007


Just finished mansion in the top 8 for a $12,500 WSOP package. I have no idea at this time whether i will get cash to buy in or whether i will be forced to take the seat but dont care either way. What a night after 3rd in betfair too but the Mansion performance was almost certainly my best online tournament game this year. I dont think i played any bad pots at all really and made one massive call which normally in a satellite would be classed as a bad play but i knew if i was right i could almost guarantee my seat with that hand and it turned out that way so i 100% stand by the call.

Leading up to this hand i had the chipleaders table open the whole game as i was well clear in 2nd with a decent stack. I watched his play all the time in case we hit the same table and an hour or so later playing about 85k he was to my left. I had raised from mid 2/3 of the previous hands to 7200 to steal to 2400 big blind + and got through when i got dealt QQ utg. I made the same raise to 7200 and he moved allin on me. Now i cant remember exactly how many players there were left at this time but i think it was in the region of 80 or so. Obviously you dont want to face off against the big chippie when you might get a package without this so a fold could easily be the normal option, here is my reasoning behind the call anyway.

He was a nutcase and been aggessing way too much and getting lucky way too often. His range was way beyond AK KK or AA. My stack whilst big, was not enough to guarantee a seat and the nature of Mansion games means its not always easy to steal. Also if i fold here he was well open to the same move again, as well as the fact he luved taking flops against me in raised pots. When i made the call i was so pleased to see him turn over 22 but the board came:

8c4s2s 3s As I had the queen of spades and was saved all be it with a bit of a nervy board lets say :) From that moment on i knew i was huge favourite for a seat and i basically made it without facing off with anyone or letting my stack get into danger. Finally with 9 players left (pays 8 x packages) 1 of the 2 short stacks moved in with A6off (Steve Cloak) and was called pot odds by the 2nd biggest stack with Q5std (John Shaw) A queen on the flop and no improvement left the sweet taste of victory. Just for the record there were 556 entrants tonight.


Amatay said...

lololol, nice call with the John Shaw LMFAO. Fairplay m8, congrats

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice day at the office yesterday. Azi was telling me whilst he was on a similairly golden run. Congrats and gl out there. Ewan