Friday, April 03, 2009

Settle Down

I would luv to lie and say April has started as planned but the first 2 days were pretty swingy and again a bit dodgy with mindset etc. Both times i lost £8000 and £4000 before recovering and finishing errr bout £800 up each day. Havent done any 25/50 this month yet but did venture onto 100/200 hi lo omaha limit short handed which prob is between 10/20 and 25/50 PL for swings you get on it so was a bit naughty really.

Today however was much better. Head was on and i was much more methodical and chilled out in my approach as i need to be. After my usual drop money at start (only £2000 today) it was pretty much as steady a day as possible. All on same site 10/20 max but lots lower too. Afternoon session made me £3,500 and evening session clocked almost the same figure.

So hopefully more of the third day to come but im off to Scotland for 10 days but still hope to get some time online in where possible. In other news im sharing a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in vegas for a month for just $1,240. See link below. May not stay whole month its booked for though (check in 12th June) and prob go out before then and bellagio it anyway.


Amatay said...

Only 1.2k?? Sounds like a steal

Robert "Animal" Price said...

per person obviously but yeh still a steal i was lookin at $4k or sommat to stay in bellagio :)