Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

Fortunately it was for me with the most time ive put in all week. Previous 4 days read +£400,
- £150, - £2,550 and -£2,050 without clocking many hours at all. Knew i was playing well though especially Thursday where i just ran real bad. Today was much different with more key pots being shipped my way. In the end i managed +£6,300 mainly on 10/20 and 5/10 but dabbles elsewhere also. Also tried my first $640 WSOP satellite 1/20 shot but finished 8th/20 on a pot which would have given me 25% chips in play. Was an ok bust as had 15 outs when i pushed the turn with lots of fold equity but missed. Dnnno how many more i will play as most packages have accomodation included in the $ so would just be hassle and lost value if won one.

I have now booked my flights for the WSOP and plan to stay in Las Vegas for over 6 weeks if i dont go mad. Fly out 27th May and scheduled return on July 8th. Also have that condo booked from 12th June to end so just need first 2 weeks accomodation. Hoping i can get Bellagio at a reduced rate and currently awaiting an email back to see bout that.

Still unsure about Manchester GUKPT, here in Scotland until next Friday so not sure i will wnna go back up country the following week. I'll know the weekend i get back i guess so will decide then.


Steve H. said...

Vegas all booked--- I'm so jealous.

Have a good weekend

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