Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Worst Month


Dropped another huge figure Sunday, didnt play Monday then got that loss down to £3,600 yesterday before donating it all back on a later session at a feable attempt to break even for the month.

Not concerned with the monetary loss but last 10 days have seen my attitude, enjoyment and respect for the game all drop to its lowest this year. Cant really pin point why but i guess i was always gonna suffer a dip after such a great 2-2.5 months in all of the above. That doesnt make it any easier to change but the plan is to only play when i really want to put 100% effort in. Also to drop to 5/10 and 10/20 with only a dabble in 25/50 when my favourite table fish is available. This may prove difficult but i know its vital for my long term success. Dropping stakes is the toughest thing mentally the higher stakes you play, fact.

My target for April will be £30,000 if i put in the time as normal but anything above £20,000 is job done. Basically replicate games and style from January. This month and first couple of weeks of May are vital money and attitude wise to set me up hopefully for a long successful wsop and i dont want to put that in jeopardy any further.


Steve H. said...

Good luck for April mate.

Amatay said...

Sickness, gl for April fish

Ukgatsby said...

indeed, gl gl
Hopefully rest of year is lot better for you

TEAMDOBB said...

stop fking aboot and get ya finger out. Your turn for the Outback in June if ya not barred still!!!