Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Backwards

Been a rough few days, i did post a £5,800 profit Wednesday to almost peak for the month but then went seriously backwards. Another huge loss of £23,100 Thursday followed by a £2,600 loss Friday. Didnt play Saturday.

Not gonna moan about luck, variance, good or bad play. March has been a turbulent month for me and im glad to see the back of it really. It was always going to be a task following up such a crazy Feb and my attitude was probably my worst asset this month in some bad spells. I guess it was always going to be difficult to escape that complacency feeling which crept back in at times. Saying that there is 3 days left to destroy what remains of my profit or swing it back up again. Not sure how much i will play though for the reasons above really.

April looks like trip to Scotland but i dont think i will do the planned Vegas trip and leave it for a longer stay in June. Possible GUKPT Manchester towards end but see what i feel like closer to time.


Steve H. said...

Good luck Rob, you can soon spin that back up.
See you in Manchester if your there. I too would so like to do an extented stay out in Vegas, 12 weeks would be great.

Anonymous said...

Hey great blog, what site do you play on?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Lots sites but i dont publish them on here for my own reasons.

Yeh i may do Manchester will decide the week before.

Anonymous said...

Ah ok understandable, can you give an idea of what stakes you play and what games you play?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

10/20 and 25/50$ PL omaha its all in blog if u go back posts :)