Sunday, April 26, 2009

End Of Month

Just been looking at vegas stuff and figure i will change my dates for a shorter May, a long June and a shorter July in terms of keeping my monthly profit records. June will be 27th May - 9th July with the other two months shorter as necessary to enable my whole vegas trip to be categorised as one profit or loss in the records.

That said ive lost a bit back last couple days doing that thing i dont wnna do and playing 25/50 again. Feeling like starting a fresh i will start a new month from 26th April to enable me to kind of reset my mindset somewhat.

Ive also come up with 1 or 2 other tactics to stop me playing too high especially on the sites where its easy to withdraw and deposit i will regularly take out money over a certain amount so the temptation element wont be there as much. Gonna start depositing on a number of sites again to work with this tactic. If i had done this before i know i would have been a regular of a couple of other fishy sites where i eventually played too high a stake and blew the rolls.

April loss final figure = -£11,873 Peaked at +£20,000 and at worst was -£18,000. did recover from that -£18k to +£2k but just gone backwards last couple days to reach that final loss. Glad to draw a line under a similar loss 2 months running. I know what to do and what not to do, its just not that easy to stick to it sometimes :(


TEAMDOBB said...

The Animal has the discipline just make sure you apply it!

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