Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ok ive made it to scotland after a 12 hour car journey (far too hot) which included watching the england victory on a mini tv screen whilst listening to radio 5 commentary.

Friday i won a small buy in event with 63 players which earned me £100 and $100 for every goal scored in the England-Paraguay match, oh well it could have been 0-0 i suppose so $100 is better than nothing. (same game night before would have net $600 because of the 6 goal opener). I also played cash to try a league using player points but too many players and no success will probably mean ill ignore the rest after 1 event.

Ive played no sixpacs since last post and dont intend to at all for the near future, just multis i feel are good value not to miss.

This included the $160 1 in 6 qualify 6 handed multi tonight which im pleased to say i got through. I am now in a $900 final tommorrow (6 handed) where 1 in 6 will win a $2500 buy in to WSOP event and remainer in expenses. More importantly if i play well and am lucky enough to get through i would have to spend from 11 or 12 July through to similar date in August in vegas as there would be no point returning home inbetween. 1 Month in vegas, oooooh that would make or break me LOL. There is a minimum 13 players in the final so at least 2 packages up for grabs. I take nothing for granted and just hope my lucks in so i can get some good high stakes poker in vegas before the main event which could be very valuable experience.

Fingers a crossed :)

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