Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Still Kind Of Going Strong

Struggled a bit today but fortunately not with winning, was just battling a headache most of the day.  Full volume today and intend to do same next few days as planned.  Didnt manage a full day yesterday but did ok and hit another $750 in the promotion just to ensure im completely hooked until it finishes.  Looking like it will finish late Fri or during Saturday so a bit earlier than i thought.

I did try some different stuff today , namely stacking.  Ive never really tried this before and having up to 16 pl hi lo games going at once was maybe pushing it a bit.  Done a few sessions though and seems i can cope with 13 or 14 without too much hassle , all be it at v v low stakes while i trial it out.   Wanna try same on Stars before the end of the month.  I tried plo yesterday and it was trickier as im more used to playing the player and not so much my cards.

Right im waffling and i wnna get to bed to recharge for more 10hour volume 2moz :(   Just gonna have a look at tracker since last post and mention that below, im currently now on +£2,194 for Dec profits.

+$1,000 , about 600 above ev !   (still about 900 below ev for dec though so profit feels even better)

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