Friday, December 09, 2011

Dec Starts Here .....

Struggled big time Tues/Wed for both motivation and run good, prob not playing best either and started the day today -£1250 after £700 and £550 losses respectively.

Today , well tonight, however is a completely different story.  After a non afternoon break even frustrating time ive just ran as hot as possible tonight and seemed to scoop in on nearly every table i played.  That loss has turned into a +£713 profit somehow although that does include a $750 lucky promotion hit i got as well.  Its the first day ive done $500 rake since ive been back too and im absolutely shattered but so glad i pushed on through.   Prob out tommorrow night and most of Sunday so volumes gonna suffer a bit but barring any bad hangovers i really wnna play flat out the rest of the time until next weekend or so.  Im amazed im still actually below ev for the month by $500 odd so today has really been exceptional given i didnt play higher than 2/4.

After nxt wkend ill play when i fancy it and experiment a bit on diff games and sites just to check im happy as i am and look for other options when my games are dry like they were this afternoon.

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