Saturday, December 17, 2011

Was Due A Bad Un

Still playing as ive found a huge fish on 3/6 plo but unless i can stack them quick its gonna be my worst day for months.    Currently im £1,700 down today despite being about £600 up on this table so far.   I was looking at tracker earlier after a bad session and realised i was roughly level on ev for the month so wasnt gonna go about it again.  Today however ive just been destroyed mostly at 2/4 pl hi lo and im actually about $1,800 below ev on the day :(

Well fingers crossed as this guys about as bad as gets and has a $2k stack vs my $1,600 one.  Could get juicy or nasty quite soon.  Update when done, think im sitting back on 5/10hi lo as well now.

...edit  2:20am
Well this is nuts im still playing and have recovered nearly all my days loss.   Only had to survive 1 allin too dodging 4outs from turn vs a reg.  All the rest has come from officially the worst plo player i think ive ever played (worse meaning easiest to win from)    It moved to another 3/6 table then onto 5/10 .  Im wide awake due to the rush and theres no way im going to sleep while this guys still playing !!!

...edit 2:40am
Think hes gone , end result +$100 on the day , still $1,600 below ev but dont care.  Cant believe my luck in finding such a player and hes never even played as high as 5/10 plo before tonight too !!!

...edit 5am details
Failed to get to sleep, checked poker again and fish there again !!! This time though ran bad.  Done well not to stack off with AK76 on a KK22Q board vs a reg that played their hand weird pricing me in with a raise and bet on flop/turn and checking the river behind.  Other Sig pot was getting it allin with AKQ10ddxx on a KJ65xxdd board with the mega fish only for a 6 to river and give his 6,7,8,10 the $600 pot.  Lost about £400 back, fine though.  +£1,920 starting tired today at 11:40am.

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