Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tiresome Profitable Play

Frustrating few days away from the tables but ive had such a good time in Oct/Nov and Dec up to 25th that i just see this cold i picked up as bad variance i was due.   

I really wanted to use this last week of the year for experimenting on the poker and trying different stuff but ive only been able to play a few hours (if that) before just wanting to fall asleep or my headache comes back 10fold.  That said ive been in profit nearly every session, nothing big just steady steady and im now sitting on +£1,498.

Havent drank since the 23rd and havent wanted to either but im quite a bit better today so will probably hit the pub tommorrow evening for a session.   Games are good right now but ive stopped for a long break and doubt ill go back on tonight.

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