Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August In Profit

Finally got just back into profit earlier and followed that with clearing a $2,600 bonus so im sitting
on a more respectable figure for once. Roughly around the +£2,200 mark.  Got a lack of enthusiasm though, im pretty sure i can put that down to low volume due to my 2nd hangova in 3days.  Been bashing a few sngs out this week and it seems to be working for making a steady profit. Its giving my brain a different challenge which seems to have led to a somewhat calmer week as well.  Still yet to venture into mtts though, really hoping i can motivate myself to enter some this week though.

Caribbean all booked up for 2 weeks from mid Nov back for my 2nd visit to St Maaten.

EDIT:   i knew sommat was wrong when i worked out figures above but couldnt see it.   Just realised my error doing things in my head without lack of an excel spreadsheet i forgot to add on the -£600 so i really was about +£1,600 at this time.    3:40pm  31st Aug now and slowly progressing and sitting around £2,000 if i havent made more mistakes !!!   I will get pen and paper later to check final figures !  Not sure if i will play much later.

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