Monday, February 08, 2010


Ive prob mentioned before on here that im in process of purchasing a house. Well it all came to a head this weekend when i realised i'd had enough and could think of nothing else. Its 4 months since i had an offer accepted and without going into detail lets just say i will never use the vendors solicitors in my life and i will slag them (the solicitors) off to as many people as possible. With still one issue remaining and originally offering full whack for the house (prob bluffed by estate agents on that one) i finally managed to get a couple of grand off the price and should hopefully set a competion date and exchange contracts/deposit in the next 24 hours. I dont think i realised how much this was bugging me and without doubt it has had a negative effect on my life and probably my poker in the last month or 2. Whilst i was quite prepared to walk away if this revised offer wasnt accepted im glad its finally resolved now and fingers crossed there shouldnt be anyone hiccups.

On the poker front i only played maybe an hour Fri/Sat if that and made bout £100. Yesterday i had a great 90mins in the afternoon making £300 but an absolute disaster followed in the early hours and i quickly logged off before i looked at higher stakes and did sommat silly. Assessed damage today and lost £500 that couple of hours so back to +£1,000 for Feb. I know i shouldnt play when i dont have a clear head and that was the case yesterday given these house issues but hey live and learn, dnt think i did anything wrong, just one of those sessions.

Hopefully tables will be kinder this week and obviously i will try to keep discipline whether i run good or bad.

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