Friday, February 05, 2010

Day 4 Crash

Started the day getting quartered to lose 50euros and it only got worse. Soon after i raised with K,10,4,A and bet bout 80% pot on a K,10,6 blank flop. Turn brought a harmless 4 (obviously negating my runner low draw) and i get chk called when i bet pot of about 120odd euros now. This hand was 2/4 and i couldnt find a fold on a 3 river shove maybe figuring i was committed too quick (pot bout 360 and only 160odd to call) but how the *** am i supposed to put the guy on 2,3,5,6 !!!??WEY"£YHWQ£T Was a regular too that i obviously get under the skin of for him to make these kind of plays and it was funny watching him nit up for the rest of the session. Anyways just 5 hours of carnage (no breaks dummy) including moving up to both 5/10$ and 5/10euros both unsuccessfully including losing the whole pot on a K26ss flop with 2634 vs 10,3,4,5 with spades. That was biggest pot of day and i stopped shortly afterwards. It riled me more cos it was a fold and again this was another solid regular on another site that suddenly has some brain defect and of course im not even allowed 1/2 or 1/4 of the $2200 odd pot.

More detail on that hand as might seem obv he should committ. I called raise on button from short guy (5/10plo$) and enemy (E) in bb called too. E chks and shortie (about 300 total now on flop left) bets 3/4 pot 65 or 70$ which i pot raise to about 280 (700 behind) E in bb now thinks he has fold equity with his hand and shoves covering my stack. Fairly standard but not when there is a short stack in the pot (who did fold but most of time wont fold here from experience) and i could easily have a hand like A3 with spades and actually the hand i raise with is about the bare minimum i have (vs a likely committing shortstack and with another 1000 stack in the hand) and obviously i cant fold with so much in the pot now. Turn Qs river blank, cheers its back to 1/2 and 2/4 for me....i run gooooood. How diff the pot plays if E leads out for pot i hav to fold or peak a turn then fold , once again backwards play rewarded and, once again, its at higher stakes. I guess i should be used to it by now it just gets me down as i know i should be on that stake all the time but variance has been kicking me in the teeth for nearly 2 months now every time i venture back up there :(

Damage on day -£2,300 leaves me at +£500 for Feb but sick to the core. This all happened this afternoon and i havent played all evening although may have a quick peak in a mo if i think my head is now clear enough. YUK


Played another 4 hours (with a couple of breaks) and managed to claw back £600 without playing on run bad dangerous stakes so -£1,700 on the day and +£1,100 for Feb, hmmmm sleep now and booze in 13hours.

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James said...

Hope you had a good weekend - how is February going now a week later - I am on +$600 which is not bad for me!