Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Up And Running (Almost)

Just got my broadband stuff and seems to be working perfectly and much faster than previous connection. Apparantly though its risky to play poker in first 24hours as its likely they may retest the line from time to time to make sure it gets the best connection. So i guess its a bigger gamble to sit on cash tables here today although i do know a site where some tables have disconnect protection. Upon reading that part of the manual it says actually they still may do same test for up to 10days but guess ill gamble when i feel fit and take consequences if any occur.

Still busier than ever with house stuff but did squeeze in some play the last 2 days. +£750 and +£50 keep my excellent run going (all still smaller stakes) despite bad starts on both days. Also got £150 in rakeback so takes months profit up to £6,750. With only 5 days left including today it will probably be the same squeeze a session here and there.

Hopefully calm down a bit to put in lots of volume come March. No GUKPT Walsall for me this year anyway. Shame as i think it was my last cash on home soil live (excluding champions freeroll) but just way too busy at moment to even consider it.


Anonymous said...

I must have missed something but why are you playing so "low" if $2/$4 etc is low. After your amazing 2009 I was expecting you to be a reg at the $25/$50 games.

I'm assuming you used a lot of the roll for the house move from what I have read.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

house yes , rest u hav to look back although today (monday) sums it up really miss every flip and lose to complete idiot players = -£800 in 2hours at 2/4 max . 50 sessions like that and i be broke. 10 sessions like that at 10/20 and i be broke (well not broke but out of cash funds obv) . gotta grind but overall im now enjoying the lower stakes more as sessions like today are rare so game generally isnt as stressful.