Monday, October 22, 2007

Abuse Abuse Abuse

On the bubble that is, only played one game tonight 340 runners $30 with value and ended up 11th for a break even night along with losing a bit clearing cash promos alongside.

The bubble was nuts as i had a fairly shortstacked table and after a couple of shoves i realised i could go with the allin almost every hand tactics freerolling on stole chips if called. The bubble burst soon after when i had won 9/10 hands and gone from 24/45 to 7/40 ! All to no avail in the end though as after only 1 preflop allin for only 25% of my stack i eventually busted 62off vs KJoff for a decent sized pot. The blinds had finally caught up as no one was calling allin and i picked the wrong time 5 handed to go totally card dead. 100% happy with my play though and from 45 players down i know that was the best ive played in any multi this month if not for 2 or 3 months or even more. Happy to see live cards on that bust and believe it or not i was only a 33% dog to win that and go to the final table in about 5th place stack. £2200/£1400 1st/2nd another chance gone , starting to believe no chunky wins for me this month :((

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