Thursday, June 04, 2009

Made Day 2

$2,500 PLO/PLH starts in just over an hour.
peak stack for me was 55k but i did lose a pot with maybe errr 10outs allin on turn to have gone to 76k with an hour left.


Lost first 3 pots to lose half my stack. Floated between 20 and 30k for ages before getting back to 39k. Then made a bad call and lost a chunk again. Final hand with 60ish left (pays 45) button makes it gay 3000 raise, im in 1200 bb and reraise to 9000 with 12000 behind (obviously committed) and he puts me allin with KJ. My A4 looks good until the river jack. Very very disappointed to have bust in such a fashion after lookin good for another cash but hey thats poker. Didnt play as well today as i could have too so mad at myself as well as the kj guy.

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