Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PLO Review

$1,500 , 4500 chips start. Took huge pot level 1 after already stacking up to 8000 chips without any allins. Basically had 4679 on a A352 2 hearts board. 1 guy had A5xx and about 3k and other guy had me covered and had A4K5hh. River was a brick 7 and i pushed to 17500 at the end of level 1.

Moved tables shortly after and stack moved up and down as normal before another monster hand. 100/200 i had AcKd9c5d and raised it to 600 getting bb table fish donk callin. Flop was AdQh9d and he chk called my 900 bet. Turn was a 6h and he chkraised my pot 3100 bet allin for 6500ish more. He turned over A9xx but had 2 hearts so i could still lose this hand. Any diamond king or queen though and i scoop. River was a sick heart though and i was left on 8000 still average chips.

If i had won that pot i would have been 4 x average with 60% of field left which i reckon would have been top 10 stack for sure :( Anyways moved to another table lost a few thousand on a bluff before reraising pre with AKJJ 1 suit and losing to a 10,7,9,6 on what was almost a 50/50 flop. Out after 5 hours.

May play the $2,500 PLH/PLO game tommorrow 5pm start.

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