Wednesday, June 03, 2009

An Animals Day Off

Couldnt resist some online PLO as hadnt played for days. Went £3,500 up then lost it all back and several hundred more before finishing £200 up in the space of 1-2hours. Didnt leave the room till 7pm but went for food with Azi and Amatay. Left them fish about 9pm and figured i would play some cash for a short while at the Rio and register for the 5pm $2,500 PLO/PLH today. Sat on 75/150 omaha hi lo limit with a 100/200 kill and quickly realised how lucky i had been to final table that event. Could hardly win a pot and went about $6,000 down. Sickly i was still enjoying it and fortunately a few hours in my luck changed around. I finished exactly $2,000 down and obviously was very happy at that. On what was supposed to be my day off though i had spent almost 7 hours live cash (until 4am) and the online stuff too, ooooooops :)

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Stu said...

Good job getting thru Day 1 of the PLO/PLH. I was just looking at the chip counts / Day 2 seats:

The guy on your immediate left (Seat 5), Benjamin Kang, is a very experienced/tough player - watch out for him.

Seat 7, Kevin Saul, is famous online pro BelowAbove who also took down WPT Bellagio a couple of years ago. He is crazy aggro, but sometimes very very spewy if you can induce him to bluff into you you'll have a great chance to win all of his chips unless he sucks out (which he often does, unfortunately - he's one of life's lucky bastards when it comes to poker).

Otherwise don't know the others, but with those two on your left, I would recommend not trying to get too out of line and playing solid hands.

Good luck!