Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After being my usual indecisive self for a few days i realised ive had enough of vegas when i started to get excited about changing my flight home ! So ive done just that and now leave on Thursday 2nd July a week early at same usual virgin flight times. Im not sick of the place but i know ive had enough and dont want to overdo it and put myself off future trips.

Since my last post ive watched my good friend Oranges chop the Venetian for $20k (along with Julian Thew who took 1st) . Ive had 2 lush meals in Bellagio but lost both credit card roulettes (thats 4 losses from 4 out here HU though) . Ive also had 2 mammoth session on O8 making the most of the fact i cant play it live when i get home. Its by far my favourite live game and was even before my final table. Anyway the 1st session i ran as bad as ive done all trip and lost $5,850 . Yesterdays started as bad dropping over $3,000 in the first hour before eventually finishing $650 up (played over 13hours for that) . Woke up incred late today but gonna head for another all nighter session shortly as long as the action is there.


Pinky said...

Shame I won't get to bump into you out there, although I'm sure they'll be another time. Do you still want any of my main event action?

TEAMDOBB said...

tell the truth ya missing me already


Pinky said...

Stars ID is "NileFever" (London) for transfer. Cheers.