Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Horse Stuff

Got a busy schedule for next week or so. Lots of wsop games i want to play and hope to go deep in. Played more cash last night for 6 hours after busting that smaller horse early. Went up $2,000 then chipped off gradually with junk so called it an "early" night at 11pm $1600 down.

Wanted to play the $3,000 horse today so it was probably good i got a good nights sleep. Horse was from 5pm until 3am and ive made day 2 with 34,700 (back at 2pm), average should be about 20k but blinds are getting a bit brutal so hope luck is still on my side. 450 entered, 198 left so long way to go yet. Seem to have taken a bit to horse although maybe im just running good. Its good fun live with the different games and not nearly as boring as holdem can often get.

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