Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Off Attempt

Crashed out quick as expected in that day 2. Played cash for several hours goin well up before finishing only $200 up. Went for nice japanese meal though and ended up in the wynn playing carribean stud poker for free white russians.

The PL omaha hi lo yesterday went pretty much the same way as the $5000 event of same game. Basically lost a pot to go to over 9000 chips level 2 (4500 starting stack) with over pair and nut flush draw against a total fish with top 2 pair. Was crippled on 1200 chips but got lucky in the couple of gamble spots after to get back to 4-5k. Then managed to bust against the same guy with AhJh10d3d on a 9h4h2d flop. Turn Kd river 4d but he was holding AdQd10h4h. Was still only 3rd level and pot again was for over 9000 chips, not to be :(

Played cash the rest of the day and managed to finish $2,500 up so that covered the $1,500 and gave me profit on the day. Also went golden for 30 minutes play at 3am before bed online winning 2 x 50/50ishs.

As mentioned im trying to have a day off today to sort out how long i wanna stay out here clearer and recharge my batteries. I had a massive lie in until 3pm which was much needed and i still am yet to load up online poker. Definitely going by the pool shortly then decide later if i will give in to the live or online poker temptations :))

No more omaha tournaments out here now to look forward to which isnt great. I could do with sorting out my poor NL holdem game anyway so may have a bash or 2 at that in next couple of days.

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lol @ the new profile pic. Classic Animal