Thursday, June 18, 2009

Highs, Lows , Omaha Hi/Lo And A New WSOP Personal Record

Following the "day off" i played a very abc game in the Bellagio $1,080 to no avail then proceeded to lose $800 on omaha hi lo limit. I couldnt help but notice last night that made it 9 live losing days in a row (excluding the day off obv) and i certainly was feeling a bit negative about that.

Today i entered the $5,000 plo event and set a personal record lasting a grand total of 10 minutes losing 2 50/50s ish and probably being the first person out. Feeling a tad sorry for myself i headed over to the omaha limit hi lo and spent 9.5 hours there instead. Fortunately i was golden and had my luckiest run since the $73k and managed to notch up $8,850 in profit to put me nicely into profit on the day !

Tommorrow i plan to only play the same with maybe some plo cash in there too.


kev b said...

Unlucky on the tournament but nice one on the cash games animal :p

Good Luck tomorrow

Kev B

Punterz said...

eat spago and drink trevi water and you will get back on track

Poker play the Soap way said...

Beats my EPT exit record

Well done m8 :D