Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mixed Day

Today is the 5pm $2,500 mixed event which i hope to play if i can get a little more sleep this afternoon first.

Yesterday wasnt quite my typical day. Made $5,000 online before heading to Bellagio 10mins late. Played like an idiot and bust 2nd level. Took frustration out on the slots posting my biggest loss on them this trip. Headed to Rio and was totally golden on omaha hi lo limit table again posting a $7,800 profit. Got pretty drunk in evening and ended up on blackjack in the early hours where i lost $2,300. I then was informed my $5k Rio chip could not be changed at Caesars in a rather rude fashion so headed home with just $40 in my pocket. Vowed not to play Harrahs casino side games for as long as i can as matter of principle, one phone call could hav verified my $5k chip but staff were a disgrace imo so gg them.

On the day +$9,200 overall :))


Fenix35 said...

Nice day congrats!!

Pirus said...

No stories of chicken skins! I am disappointed :(

Link me up homeboy, just started my blog again