Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 More Events ?

Omaha hi lo $2,500 limit today and PL of it on Thursday. These could well be my last wsop events this year as im unsure of main event and may well leave b4 it starts anyway. Looking forward to both these events of course as they are my favourite game live.

The mixed event was a failure losing 2 chunky pots on the omaha section early. I proceeded to cash where i ran as bad and went $4,000 down on omaha hi lo before finally clawing some back to finish $2,500 down.

Yesterday was as much of a day off as i have out here. Couple of hours of online omaha for a $4,000 profit before going out for food drinks and drunken 1/2 poker session for fun with an old schoolmate which was just what i needed.


Mr Cea said...

The main event would be a classic

Fenix35 said...

Good luck with the last two events! How are you finding it now after being in Vegas for this long. Burnt out yet or are you still playing a really focused game and having lots of fun?