Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014....so far

Weird start to the year.  In terms of profit it couldn't be much better but for some reason I just haven't been enjoying it the last week or so and not even playing as much as I would hope to.   Its not complacency which has been a common problem for me in the past. My heads just not in the right place to play my "a" game so I just haven't been playing much because of that.  Strange though as I tanked the first week and was playing well, running even better and rarely feeling bored of it.

Currently around the £6,000 mark including rakeback although £4,000 of that is above ev !!!

Seriously considering a trip to vegas in the next few weeks but leaving that until the last minute to book at the moment.  Definitely feel a week or 2 away to escape the cold gloomy weather here anyway. Anyway not a moan, just thought I would post some thoughts here for a change.


Tigertonkin said...

Hey Rob, Just incase you don't know the two best sites to use for cheap flights are skyscanner.net and kayak.com.

Also if you ever decide to stay at the ARIA or VDARA use this code on their website. 'ADESA'. (its a corporate code valid till the end of the year)

I used it when I went in November and it save me a bit of money :-)

Good luck and keep it going!

dD said...

nice 2013 and a good start to this year ! nice one.
oh man, I so need to get my poker "act" together.
gl for the rest of the year.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

thx, will check them out. im finding these days its best for me to try and get a package deal on expedia or similar as you often find a decent savings deal bookin hotel/flight together. eg at moment im considering £1,650 for direct flight from heathrow and 12 nights in Palazzo. gonna try and sign up for one of these quidco type sites too for cashback too I think :)

Tigertonkin said...

Yeh, you cant beat that price.

I found £1,350ea on virginholidays.co.uk from 3-15th feb but thats per person for 2 people. Travelbag.co.uk actually beat that as they have it at £1115ea but I dont know how trustworthy they are, defo worth checking out though.

Anyway enjoy, and post some live results stats up when ur out there.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

FML just went to book it and its gone up by £300 since I last looked 10hours ago.....arrrgh im such a nit I aint paying that much more