Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Year Figures - 2013

split approx.:
online £31k / live £17k
online quarters  split (9/12/1/9)
online roughly £16k below ev.

target was £50k which I guess i'll aim for again next year.

first live mtt win
back to back wsop cashes
improved a bit online since September

bubbling final table of $3k wsop event on a flip to get back to average chips (can see both high/low of this but it still hurts)
tougher games and worse vip programs (forced me to improve my game so in a way could be a positive in long run ?)
not controlling temper online well enough
best month online was £5,477 with only 1 other month above £4,000
very poor summer quarter
running £16k below ev

hoping to do 4-6weeks in vegas come June
might do 12-14days vegas start of Feb, going to decide last minute on that
likely 1 month in Caribbean Nov/Dec
possible other travelling
online, well much of the same for the time being unless games or sites force me to look elsewhere

gl all, happy new year, lets make 2014 a good un !!!


Joe 'Tigertonkin' Tonkin said...

Hey Rob,

It's Good to see some yearly stats! I have been following you for awhile, originally because you also live in Cornwall :-) then I got to watch you run deep in that 3k. I think I remember Stephen 'stevie444' Chidwick and John O'shea were also at the final 2 tables in that game so it was a tough field but a pleasure to watch.

You obviously have major skill so stick at it and that big live 6 fig MTT score will happen!

Quick question.

What do you think is the best game to focus on in the current climate? Personally I feel I need to switch from NLH as there is so many training videos out there.

I do have an online win at PLO8 in a $16r for $1100 but I cant seem to convert it to plo8 cash games. The issue is cash games has to be my future as I work 9 hours a day!! grr!

So any advice how to adapt or what to watch/read? thanks

Good luck this year!

Joe tonkin

Robert "Animal" Price said...

yes your memory is good,they were on the other table to me and one of them bust at exactly same time as me I think.

difficult question, all I can do is guide you from my experience but every person is different and im not talking skills I mean in what games they prefer, what suits them etc.

as much as im an addict to plo and plo hilo they have destroyed my nl holdem game as I struggle big time to be patient enough and find it too boring to hardly ever play any of it online any more. so be careful if you are going to switch to 4cards from 2 as u might find 2 cards less exciting in future.

mix games in general are a lot of fun and have a lot of weaker players in them. I wish I could play more tournaments though (patience thing again) as its a well known fact the players are generally a weaker standard. pl hilo cash games are slowly dying anyway as marginal winners/losers start to leave the better players bust the fish quicker generally of which there are less anyway so it isn't the best time to get into the games really.

have you tried stud hilo? its a lot of fun and as long as u stick to basic strategy (can read up on google) you cant go far wrong in cash games or cash games in 8game which I play sometimes. im terrible at stud but thrive in stud hilo as concepts are very simimar to Omaha hilo

I never watch vidoes so cnt help there and beyond googling basic strategy for mix games and reading pokerplayer once a month I dnt read either. like to self teach myself, if someones a good reg whatever game you are playing see if you can see why they give u a tough time and learn from that.

hope some of that is useful, thx for stopping by and gl in future